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Weddings provide a great opportunity for families and friends to get together and celebrate the future while fondly revisiting the past. We honor that time by not distracting from the atmosphere with random dialogue, silly games, and special effects out of Vegas. Our goals are to emcee your event confidently and cordially and to entertain with great music, rather than becoming the center of attention. This non-intrusive style and amazing music have made us the favorite of many top vendors in the area and will leave everyone remembering the wonderful time they had together at your wedding.

Weddings are usually very stressful for the hosts. To ease that stress we offer two hours of free consultation to plan your event and learn your musical tastes. Together, we will create a comprehensive schedule so you can enjoy your time, not worry about what’s next. We will guide you and your guests through the planned events and then seamlessly transition into hours of unscripted celebrating.

We offer fair, affordable and competitive pricing. Our initial rate not only includes lights and wireless mics, it is also based on five hours of service. Weddings are expensive and we feel you shouldn’t get charged extra for the things required to make your day a success.